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Carbide Dies

Carbide dies are widely-used and provide an economical savings for wire drawing, compared to PCD dies. More

PCD Dies

PCD is a unique material that balances performance, cost, and surface finish. While natural diamonds and tungsten carbide are functional in some applications, PCD is an engineered material that helps diversify product offerings and lower overall die costs.

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is the workhorse of the wire industry. A wide variety of wire is drawn using PCD. Each step of the manufacture is done at the US Synthetic facility in Orem, Utah. The USS Wire Die PCD inserts are critical component that enables long life, accurate geometries that provide predictable drawing conditions, and a high polish delivering a superior surface finish on the wire.

PCD dies are available in a wide range of hole sizes ranging from .010 to .340 inches (0.25 – 8.5 mm). Pricing is dependent on the PCD insert used in the die.

Factors to consider when specifying a die are:

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