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UVBusinessQ Profile: US Synthetic

Source: UV Business Q

Valuing human life is a strong foundation in business and in life. US Synthetic, a father-son global enterprise, is based on this culture where employees thrive on learning and experience and use it to bless others around the globe.

In 1978, Bill Pope, a former BYU chemical engineering professor, and his son Louis founded the Orem-based company. US Synthetic is known for manufacturing PCDs (polycrystalline diamond cutters) for oil and gas exploration. But really, the business stretches into much more.

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Utah Genius Announces 2012 Winners

Source: MarketWatch -- The Wall Street Journal

Utah Genius recognizes outstanding Utah individuals and companies, including US Synthetic and a number of its employees, that received numerous patents and trademarks.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Apr 25, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Utah Genius (, presented by Bateman IP Law Group, KSL and Zions Bank, today announced the winners of the 2012 Utah Genius Awards at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City. The awards serve as the state's prime program for recognizing and paying tribute to the creative people and companies that contribute heavily to the state's growth by securing numerous patents and trademarks.

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US Synthetic Food Drive illustrates the type of culture US Synthetic employees have

Source: Daily Herald

November and December are the busiest months for the Utah Food Bank, as communities turn their attention to the hungry. On Tuesday, Orem-based US Synthetic is donating approximately 15,000 food items to the charity.

"The US Synthetic Food Drive illustrates the type of culture our company and our employees have worked hard to develop over the years," said Troy Holmberg, director of corporate social responsibility at US Synthetic, in a news release. "Through team competition, our employees encouraged each other to donate more and more food-generating remarkable results. As part of our Engineering Good initiative, US Synthetic is pleased to help those in our community and around the world."

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US Synthetic Wire Die Unveils New Product Line

Source: Indymedia

Veteran polycrystalline diamond company offers PCD wire dies that enable more pounds of wire pulled per dollar

US Synthetic Wire Die, a new business unit of US Synthetic, today announced a new product line designed to serve the wire die industry. Leveraging its parent company's polycrystalline diamond (PCD) expertise, US Synthetic Wire Die has developed dies that last more than twice as long as traditional PCD dies.

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Rob Galloway Featured in Industry Week

Source: Industry Weekly

Plant supervisors at US Synthetic Corp. in Orem, Utah, USS WireDie's parent-company, don't have to ask permission from upper management to implement employee suggestions.

The $160 million manufacturer of diamond drill bits decided in 2005 when it began implementing lean manufacturing to put improvement initiatives in the hands of the workers who were most familiar with plant operations, says Rob Galloway, US Synthetic's CEO.

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US Synthetic, Wire Die’s parent-company, - Ranked #13 in Utah Patents filed in 2009

Source: Daily Herald

SALT LAKE -- If genius can be measured by number of patents held, then Utah County is home to some of the sharpest knives in the drawer.

The county cleaned up at the second annual Utah Genius Awards at the Little America Hotel on Wednesday. The Genius honors, presented by Bateman IP Law Group and Utah CEO, went to the Utah inventors and companies that racked up the most patents and trademarks in 2009.

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