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PCD Dies

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is the workhorse of the wire industry. We offer a wide range of hole sizes ranging from .010 to .340 inches for PCD dies. More

What is our commitment to service?

A Commitment to Innovation, Service, and Quality

State-of-the-art diamond sintering processes -- including proprietary cubic presses that apply nearly 1 million pounds of uniform pressure and generate temperatures of 1,400° Celsius -- are used to synthesize the industry's strongest, most durable wire dies. In-house abrasion tests have shown US Synthetic Wire Die materials to have dramatically better performance than leading competitors. In fact, in two stainless steel wire mills, U.S. Synthetic dies lasted more than twice as long as other PCD dies. We work directly with our wire mill clients to customize materials and dimensions, all backed by a 100% quality guarantee. If a US Synthetic wire die doesn't perform as expected, we'll replace it for free.